Staff Members

Mike Davis

Network Engineer

It all started when I was about 10 years old. I was always on the computer playing games and surfing the internet. One day I crashed the family computer and spent a few days trying to fix it. Unfortunately, I was just a young kid and didn’t know what I was doing. My uncle was the computer fix-it guy so I watched him fix things. After that, things just started to click and the rest is history. For school, I attended the University of Hawaii at West Oahu and earned a Bachelor’s in Computing, Electronics, and Networking Technology (CENT). I have previously worked with the DoD as a contractor for technology refresh projects. I currently hold Microsoft’s Windows 7 Enterprise Administrator certification and plan to continue earning more certifications.
The greatest satisfaction that I get from customers is knowing that I was able to help them out. A job well done feels amazing. I enjoy working at Intech because of the awesome atmosphere and people that come with it. I am constantly learning about a many different technologies and how to implement and maintain them. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing punk rock music, playing video games, and tearing it up at the local motocross track.

Branden Baker


I majored in Programming and Business Admin at DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, AZ. I returned to Hawaii in 1992 and found a position in a local computer reseller. While there I earned several industry certifications, including my CCNA, MCSE, and CNE. The majority of my work focused on large network deployments and support and eventually was promoted to be the company’s CIO. One interesting note, Integration Technologies started out as the primary service partner for this VAR back in 1991. The next step in my technology journey brought me to Hyatt. As the Regional Director of IT for Hyatt Resorts Hawaii, I was responsible for all areas of IT including the implementation of the developed standards, project management, policy compliance, contract negotiations, capital planning, and the overall daily well-being of the IT departments. The hospitality industry fit my personal philosophy of “service with aloha” and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I have watched Intech grow throughout the years and the decision to join a team of dedicated, innovative and fun people was an easy one for me. When I have free time, you can find me spending it with my wife and kids or on a golf course trying to figure out why I keep slicing the ball. I am happy to be a part of the Intech team and look forward to growing with the company while providing our customers with efficient and reliable computer networks.

Jack Chamberlain

Network Engineer

I got started with computers at an early age, initially playing games on my TRS-80 with a tape drive and became hooked on technology. Since then, I have had many years of experience and have acquired several industry certifications such a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, Microsoft Small Business Specialist in 2003 and most recently my Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 7. I know that computer issues can be one of the most frustrating experiences in modern life, so I enjoy being able to help our clients resolve problems so they can focus on their business, instead of their network. In my personal time, I enjoy bicycling, scuba diving and underwater photography.

Jade Simpson

Service Coordinator

Technology is essential to the ever-changing world. However, the human component of technological advances is also ever-increasing and extremely necessary. I firmly believe that people have an important place in the technological world. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2011 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in sociology. Discovering the “how” and “why” people think played a huge role in going into customer service. In the growing technological world, fewer interactions occur between people but human interaction is vital to ensuring excellent customer service and gauging customer needs. Intech allows me to provide excellent customer service by meeting the needs of our customers in a friendly and personable way. Intech also values teamwork and productivity while allowing us to meet our personal goals in a fun and engaging environment. In my personal time, you can find me relaxing with good food and good company.

Jordan Silva

Director of Technical Services

At a young age, I realized that the limitations on available information and the people with whom we could interact that were caused by geography, were nearly nonexistent on the Internet. I embraced this seemingly limitless venue, in which a person was judged by how he presented himself, as opposed to the preconceived stereotypes typically imposed upon “kids”. This led me on a quest for information and knowledge, on which I continue, to this day. When I was 16, I entered into the IT field as a professional and have since worked for non-profit organizations, the University of Hawaii, small Internet service providers, and several managed service providers and have done freelance IT work as well. I currently hold the following Certifications: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Server 2008; MCSE: Windows Server 2003; MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician; MCDST: Windows XP; CompTIA Security+; CompTIA A+. The human element of technology provides a constant stream of new challenges, which only encourages my natural curiosity and keeps me working hard. Being able to help others is the icing on the cake. It is rare to find a company that cares so much about its clients and employees, and at the same time, is able to responsibly run a business. The Work hard Play hard philosophy allows us to be highly productive while still having a good time at the office. I enjoy music in most forms, but nothing makes me happier than attending a heavy metal or alternative rock concert. I also enjoy weightlifting, boxing, and playing poker.

Paul Ventura

Owner/Managing Director

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Villanova University. I began my management career with Hyatt Hotels, and am a graduate of their Management Training Program. I spent several years as a department head in the hotel industry before joining Intech as VP in 1998. I have always had a strong interest in computers, and completed several industry certification programs to change the direction of my career towards technology. Now I feel privileged to be able to help local businesses throughout the state achieve their business goals through technology, and I am proud to be part of a company that can provide opportunities to some of Hawaii’s best and brightest talent. I really love being able to live here in Hawaii. I grew up on Kauai, I have lived on Maui and the Big Island before setting up permanent residence on Oahu. I enjoy taking advantage of Hawaii’s outdoors, be it surfing, hiking, fishing or diving.

Sam Gridley

Chairman / Owner

I majored in Management Information Systems and minored in Computer Science at Eastern Washington University in Washington state. I started programming my first personal computer in 1981 and what started as a hobby turned into a college major, and then eventually a career. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I worked as an IT Director, managing networks for Hyatt Hotels where I was involved in building one of the first IP WANs between the 5 Hawaii Hyatt hotels. I left the hotel industry to start Intech and almost 20 years later, Intech is nationally ranked by Inc Magazine’s “Inc 5000” and by PBN as one of the “Fastest 50” small businesses in Hawaii, enjoying a growth rate of over 20% annually. We have a great customer base and we have become friends and trusted business advisors with our customers. I’m especially proud of our staff in how they care for our customers — they treat our customers’ systems as they would their own systems — really living by the golden rule. I spend most of my free time with family and my wife Kerry and I also like to ride motorcycles at the Kahuku offroad motocross park, golf and scuba dive.

Teri Kong

Accounting Manager

I’ve began working as an accounting and administration professional in 1998 after taking online courses through the University of Phoenix. I enjoy getting to know our customers and like the fact that our company is able to provide money saving solutions for their businesses. Working at Intech has allowed me to do what I am best at but also learn more about the rapidly changing technology industry. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and volunteering for D.A.R.E., M.A.D.D., Hawaii Partnership to Prevent Underage Drinking, More Than You Think, Drug-Free Coalition and Special Olympics.

Freddy Ludiazo

Director of Sales & Marketing

I’ve been fascinated by technology in so many ways from an early age, it is truly a “Life Simplifier”. It continuously gives me a broader perspective in how we long to do more and be connected to one other. I’ve had close to 10 years in Technology Sales, started as a copier sales person which slowly paved the way into the Information Technology Sales. Being on the cutting edge of Technology I’ve enjoyed helping organizations leverage what Technology has to offer especially in ways of improving, streamlining their businesses but ultimately SIMPLIFYING LIFE. This is what I believe technology’s goal is. Intech is truly one of the best places have ever worked at, the work atmosphere is very conducive to productivity and the focus is always on our customers best interest. One of my favorite hobbies is playing music. Arranging, writing and producing music helps me view the world in a different light as music is a very powerful tool for the mind.

Jeff Bernhardt

Network Administrator

As a kid, when I wasn’t lighting things on fire in the forest or making covered pits for my enemies to fall into, I was sitting in front of the family Apple figuring out how to program in BASIC or taking apart my brother’s portable video games to see what was inside (just some batteries and circuit boards with weird stuff on them). Years later, I accidentally crashed our Windows 95 computer and had to call tech support to get it fixed. The first tech said there was no way to get it working again, so I was surprised when I called later and a second tech knew exactly what to do and had it running in no time. This clued me into the idea that not all technicians are created equal in the IT world. After that, my own tinkering with computers eventually lead me to open source software and operating systems, so I developed a deep interest in Unix-like operating systems. I currently hold a couple Windows 7 certifications and am working on getting more in a variety of areas. I enjoy helping our customers because I’ve been on the receiving end of bad tech support and know how scary and frustrating it can be. I enjoy working at Intech because every day is a new challenge, and honestly, sitting in front of a computer is what I’d most likely be doing in my spare time anyway. However, when I’m actually out and engaged in the world, you can find me playing trombone part time with the Royal Hawaiian Band or occasionally gigging around town in local jazz bands.

Troy Hirata

Network Administrator

I began my pursuit of technology when I realized that I didn’t want to have a boring job. I wanted something that would always challenge me to better myself. There is always something new with technology, and that feeds my hunger by always having something new to learn. I graduated from Honolulu Community College with my Associates in Computer Electronics Networking and Technology. I have also interned at Oceanic Time warner cable. It is impossible to know everything in this day and age, I appreciate it when someone shares their knowledge with me to better my life. So I enjoy improving the quality of life for people when I can. It’s impossible to describe why I like working at Intech in a couple of sentences. Let’s just say we’re awesome! I believe that healthy equals happier. I enjoy anything and everything fitness like hiking, swimming, paddling etc… I am always open minded about a new adventure.

John Page

Network Administrator

I always enjoyed playing videogames on my parents computer but it wasn’t until I “broke” it that I really started to try and figure out how everything inside of that noisy white tower worked together. My fathers IT buddy had to get it all working again but he did show me some of the basics and I’ve been learning ever since. It was a few more years until I really started to learn the true ins and outs however. I spent 4 years in a Client Systems position with the USAF and they imparted a great deal of knowledge on me during that time. They also instilled in me a desire to ensure that I was helping out the customer and not just fixing the computer. I found out early on that I got just as much, if not more, enjoyment from making sure the customer was happy as I did from fixing a difficult issue. That’s one of main things that drew me to Intech, their impeccible strive to provide the best customer service imaginable. When I’m not fixing computers I like to work around my yard and play with my daughter.

Alex Anderson

Network Administrator

When I was growing up I was always into computers, but when I was 10 I used money I had been saving since I was 8 to buy my first computer and the rest is history. I have been fixing computers since I was 14. I enjoy knowing that I have made someone else’s day just a little bit easier by fixing their computer issues. I love working with all the guys at Intech. There is a lot of knowledge in this office and I learn something new every day. In my free time I love playing video games and taking amateur Aerial Video using my Phantom 2 Drone

Seth Barrett

Network Administrator

My passion for computers all started when I joined the U.S. Army as a Radio Operator/Maintainer. Although I was trained in radio communication, I quickly became the anything-that-has-electricity guy. The first network I set up was in a bombed out hangar-turned-hospital in Iraq. There I learned through trial and error all the minor details that makes a network run smooth. I continued my education by earning a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at the University of Hawai’i, and am currently working on achieving as many certifications as possible. Being able to assist others is at the core of my beliefs. It’s nice knowing that I’m actively improving our client’s ability to perform their duties. I thrive on being challenged and challenging myself. Working at Intech allows me to encounter a new challenge every day. Not a day passes where I don’t walk out the door having learned something new. A lot of my time is spent outdoors. Running is my passion. For some unknown reason I keep signing up for the Honolulu Marathon. Otherwise, you’ll find me hiking the trails or somewhere in the ocean snorkeling or trying to surf.