Hawaii’s 50 Fastest Growing Small Businesses
intechI'm happy to announce that Pacific Business Magazine has selected Intech as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Hawaii.

I'm particularly honored that so many small businesses and non-profit organizations have entrusted their computer systems to our care. While other computer companies are cutting staff or closing, we continue to see strong growth.

Our clients seem to appreciate our proactive approach. Instead of waiting for things to break, we remotely solve small problems before they become big expense ones. As a result, our clients typically experience 99.9% computer uptime and save an average of 22% over traditional computer services.

Of course, this level of service is only possible because of our terrific staff. Our team exhibits a unique combination of technical expertise, personal dedication and caring that sets us apart from other IT service companies.

At the rate our company is growing, we expect to remain among Hawaii's fastest growing small businesses for many years to come. Mahalo for making Intech Hawaii's trusted leader in small business computer support!

-Sam Gridley

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Up To Date?

bcpBusinesses are constantly changing. Is your disaster recovery plan changing, too? It should be.

Every company can experience a business-altering event at any time: floods, explosions, accidents, computer malfunctions—the list is endless.

If you have a disaster recovery plan, you’re prepared to prevent such events from disrupting your normal operations—or at least you were at the time you created the plan. But how long ago was that?

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Evaluating Your Backup Solution

backupYou can’t have a disaster recovery plan until you first have a good backup solution. Is your backup solution good—or just good enough?

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Listen to Over 100,000 Radio Stations in Windows Media Center

radioA cool feature in Windows 7 Media Center is the ability to listen to local FM radio. But what if you don’t have a tuner card that supports a connected radio antenna? The RadioTime plug-in solves the problem by allowing access to thousands of online radio stations.

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Access Frequently Used Items in Windows 7 with Jump Lists

jumplistFinding a way to easily access recently used files, folders, and websites was annoying to some in previous versions of Windows. In Windows 7, the new Jump List feature allows you to those items quickly.

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Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.