Case Study: The Pacific Club

“Intech has grown with us and when we have questions – they have answers.” – Julie Torres, Manager



The Pacific Club is the oldest private club of its kind west of the Mississippi. While the Club has certainly evolved over the past 157 years, and some of the “polished manners” and “strict decorum” have faded, the principles upon which the Club were founded have not changed. The club operates a network of 30 PCs and 2 servers with no internal IT staff. Initially, The Pacific Club only had a few computers in the accounting office but it soon became evident that information technology would be used in all areas of operation and connectivity and communications would be increasingly more important. With this understanding also came the realization that the club would need more sophisticated guidance and support for their information technology. When the club elected not to hire an internal IT person, Intech was brought in to outsource the IT management function.


The Pacific Club wanted to increase its use of information technology to support continued growth, but it didn’t want to take on additional staff and responsibility of managing the growing network. The club also didn’t want to burden internal staff with ongoing system management and end user support so they could focus on higher value activities.

Intech’s Approach

Intech has worked closely with The Pacific Club and provided the necessary level of support at each stage of growth. Worry-Free IT was deployed providing users direct access to support and remote network management. The network was standardized which helps to keep the system stable and reliable. The Pacific Club has been able to avoid hiring an internal IT staff and/or consuming precious resources on computer support issues. Intech oversees every aspect of information technology allowing The Pacific Club to rely on Intech as their virtual IT department.


  • With direct access to Worry Free IT, internal staff is not burdened with trying to address, dispatch or find technical support resources
  • The system and network are stable and downtime minimized
  • All aspects of IT management are overseen by Intech
  • Support is quick and questions are answers
  • The network is solid and safe

Solutions Provided