Maintain maximum productivity

Profitable manufacturing requires the efficient management of resources and personnel. Typically, this process is driven by industry specific software operating on a fast, reliable computer network. When this network slows or fails, output grinds to a halt. Costs soar. Customers complain. The bottom line suffers.


Intech’s Approach

We proactively handle everything an in-house IT department would handle. We maintain your network with a flat-rate, all-you-can-eat monthly service, which keeps your IT budget under control. Plus, tech support for your staff is always a phone call away. This approach:

  • Virtually eliminates downtime.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Protects trade-secret and financial data
  • Ensures all software packages on your network work well together.

Manufacturing/Assembly Industry Solutions from Intech

– Asset Accounting – MAS90
– AutoCAD – MAS200
– Autodesk DWF – On-Screen Takeoff
– Autodesk Revit Architecture – Peachtree Accounting for Manufacturing
– Construction Partner – TurboCAD
– Costworks – Visual Takeoff
– Fas 50