Save money while supporting your mission

Your non-profit organization faces unique technology challenges:

  • Reaching out to new donors and serving more people means
    relying on your computer systems more than ever.
  • Your staff and volunteers must make the most of limited
    resources to achieve your mission.
  • You can’t afford unplanned expenses associated with network
    crashes – so a stable computer network, trusted IT support team, and planned IT budget would be a godsend.
  • Your data must be safe and secure – and meet government mandates for privacy.


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If your computer network operates “on a wing and a prayer,” frequent downtime means lost productivity, missed opportunities, and crippling expenses. Technology is a top priority in any non-profit organization, since this empowers workers to get more done in less time. With a properly designed computer network, you’ll gain double-digit efficiencies – freeing up your staff and volunteers to pursue strategic activities like pursuing grants and donations and serving constituents

Intech’s Approach

We proactively handle everything an in-house IT department would handle. We maintain your network with a flat-rate, all-you-can-eat monthly service, which keeps your IT budget under control. Plus, tech support for your staff is always a phone call away.

  • Virtually eliminate downtime.
  • Increase your staff and volunteers’ productivity.
  • Protect your electronic files and ensure data is secure.
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.
  • If you have an IT staff, you can focus their efforts on strategic activities.
  • Your staff gets direct access to our Help Desk support – at no extra charge.
  • Maintain your computer network for a stable, rock-solid foundation for your organization.

Non-Profit Industry Solutions from Intech Hawaii

A Sampling of Non-Profit Software We Support

– DonorPerfect – MAS90
– Charitable Financial Planner – MAS200
– FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting – Peachtree
– FP2000 – Quickbooks
– MarketLinx RETS – Quicken
– Raiser’s Edge
In addition to non-profit software, we also support most other software packages that your organization may use, such as HR, healthcare, finance and office productivity software.