Case Study: Inpeace

"It takes Intech 5 minutes to fix a problem that would normally cost us two hours." - Jennifer Tempe, Operations Director


INPEACE is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for Native Hawaiians through education and community partnerships that promote self-sustainability. They have 17 locations throughout Oahu, Hawaii and Molokai. With 54 workstations and 10 telecommuters supported by 1 local server, the business requires an IT company with strong technical and remote abilities. INPEACE found that in Intech.


Prior to Intech, INPEACE did not have company IT standards. Computer equipment was purchased to satisfy specific needs and then replaced with new ones when they malfunctioned. Intech's challenge was to strengthen the company infrastructure to encourage and support growth rather that reacting to it in the future.

Intech's Approach

Intech's plan was to help INPEACE with restructuring their central office, deploying Worry-Free IT on all systems to standardize the network, reconfiguring the servers, stopping Viruses and Spam, protecting company information and, most importantly, controlling costs. Although there was a mixture of computer systems, in a matter of weeks, the INPEACE network was stabilized. "We've got people on XP, Home, Office, Vista, Vista Business, Vista Home, Mac, I mean it's just every -- all over the place." Said Jennifer Timpe, Human Resources and Operations Director


  • With direct access to Worry Free IT, internal staff is not burdened with trying to address, dispatch or find technical support resources
  • The system and network are stable and downtime minimized
  • All aspects of IT management are overseen by Intech
  • Support is quick and questions are answered
  • The network is solid and safe

Solutions Provided