Our Referral Promise

  • If you refer others to us, you have our heartfelt thanks. The referral is the highest form of trust in business, and we pledge to take care of anyone you send our way.
  • We are happy to set up an initial meeting or phone call, but then it’s up to the customer to pursue the conversation (we won’t hound them endlessly.)
  • If the referral isn’t a good fit for either party, we’re happy to make additional recommendations or referrals that will allow them to accomplish their goals.
  • We promise to do what is in the best interest of a our customers at Intech. we focus on selling solutions that fit our customers and we never recommend something that is more than they need.

Benefits We Provide

Reduction of System Downtime – we see computer systems as a tool tar getting your job done We make sure that tool is available far you so you can work efficiently (and hopefully have more free time!)

Handling Help Desk Calls – we can be the first line of support for your organization so you can get your work done. For companies without an IT department, this makes users happy and makes them more productive. For companies with an IT department this also allows the IT staff time to concentrate on project work and completing company goals.

Control of Viruses and Spyware – we control viruses and spyware at all levels: the firewall email, servers and workstations. Preventing an infection increases your system uptime and eliminates the threat of identity theft.

Elimination of Spam – Over 90% of all email is spam. Filtering spam from incoming mail is necessary to reduce wasted time and reduce the risk of infection.

Standardizing the Support Process – by standardizing support and network documentation, we streamline the support process. Effective documentation provides a knowledgebase that we share with our customers, allowing us to solve problems faster. It also provides the ability to spot trends and fix recurring problems permanently.

Extending the Useful Life of Computers – our automated preventative maintenance can keep computers running faster longer. Ensuring Network Security – Network security can be compromised through several channels such as wireless access points, physical security breaches or software threats. We help our clients address all areas appropriate to their size and type of business.

Handling Routine Maintenance – Routine maintenance not only keeps computers running faster, it also helps us spot potential problems earlier. We strive to prevent problems before they cause downtime.

Network Cabling – the foundation of any well-run network. Without solid cabling, a network can become impossible to manage.

Typical Customer Profile

Company Size: We work with businesses from 5-200 workstations in size

We look for customers who:

-want reliable computer systems
-want a responsive computer company that returns phone calls and emails promptly
-want to take a proactive approach toward computer and network support
-want computer problems fixed fast so users can concentrate on what they do best
-value their investment in computer systems

Business Types:

Accounting Financial Manufacturing Administrative Healthcare Nonprofit Architectural Hospitality Retailing Construction Insurance Professional Services Education Legal Travel/Tourism

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