Helpful Websites

e-Recycling Resources– Guidelines and resources for electronics recycling from the County– Computer recycling companies on Oahu
Pacific Corporate Solutions– eWaste Computer and Electronics Recycling

Web Resources

Policy Templates – Templates for policies no company should be without
Speed Guide – Speed tips for Internet connections (Cable Modems and DSL)
DSL Reports– Measure Internet speed (upload and download)– Look up definition for any word and even access an online thesaurus
Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia anyone can edit

Webcams. Have a look around the islands!

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Resort– Live web camera of hotel, spa and golf course
Centex Homes Ko’olina – Great views of West Oahu’s newest resort
Kolea Resort– Panoramic views from within the Waikoloa resort on the Big Island
Sheraton Kauai Resort – Live video Kauai web camera showing surf and beach
Axis Technologies– Web Camera servers and software

Vendor Support Sites

Dell Equipment Ownership Transfer– Change registered owner of your Dell equipment
Dell Support– Shortcut to support for Dell products
Microsoft Support– Shortcut to support for Microsoft products
Novell Support– Shortcut to support for Novell products
HP Support– Shortcut to support for HP products
3com Support– Shortcut to support for 3com products
Cisco Support– Shortcut to support for Cisco products
Nortel Networks Support– Shortcut to support for Baynetworks and Nortel products
FCC Equipment ID Search– Identify any PC peripheral card via FCC ID#

System and Network Security

Internet Storm Center– Warns you about all the latest Internet threats and traffic jams
Shields Up– Online port probe to test your system and firewall security
ZoneAlarm– Easy to use, free personal firewall software and traffic monitor
WebTrends Network– Analyze your firewall logs plus many more Internet utilities
Nomad Mobile Research Centre (NMRC)– Test system security with these utilities
Open Relay Database– See if your mail server is blacklisted as an open relay
DNS Stuff– All kinds of DNS utilities
National Cyber Security Alliance Checklist – How to stay safe online at home.

Windows Support Info

FAQ for Windows Servers– Frequently Asked Questions for all versions of Windows
SysInternals– Free utilities and technical info for Windows (now part of MS Technet)

E-Mail Support Info

Slipstick– Information and utilities for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange– Exchange Server resources, articles and tools


Woopid – Free online tutorial videos on everything from Windows to Microsoft Office
Free Ed.Net– Free online courses on computer subjects
W3 Schools– Free online courses for Internet and web technologies
Brainbench– Individual certification classes and pre-employment testing