What Brings You Here?

Tired of doing it yourself?

For years, you’ve done it all – sales, administration, even computer support. But times have changed. Today your computer network is too big and too complicated for you to handle. You need some outside help.

I beat my head up against the wall and tried to do it myself. Ken Zeri, Hospice Hawaii

We struggled through on our own. We were having some security issues with our website and our email. Then we got highjacked. Marian Yasuda, Oahu Metropolitan Planning

It’s better now that someone else is monitoring it. We’re not getting those bugs any more. Denise Narito, Narito Sheet Metal and Mechanical

Outgrown or
unhappy with your computer guy?

Your outside computer guy isn’t working out. Maybe he responds too slowly or not at all. Maybe he has an attitude and doesn’t listen. Maybe he charges too much and delivers too little. Whatever the problem, you’re ready for a change.

Before Intech, we always had to wait for someone to show up.

Darlene Loo-McDowell, Paul Johnson Park & Niles Attorneys

We had another company in a similar capacity, but we found them lacking in several ways. They said they were proactive, but were actually reactive and dropped the ball a number of times. Rob James, Helber Hastert and Fee

We had another outsourced company that nickel and dimed us to death. Eileen Paris, Office Pavilion

Thinking about outsourcing
IT staff?

Faced with limited budgets, increasing workloads, and accelerated technology, you’re thinking that outsourcing your IT staff might be the right move.

We had our own IT department with remote servers and a lot of downtime. It’s easier to have it outsourced. Michelle Yamaguchi, Pacific Operations Intl

An internal computer guy could never have all the expertise that Intech has. Barry Raff, Planned Parenthood of Hawaii

We could never afford an IT person and get all that we get from Intech. Sue Longacre, Kahala Nui Retirement Community