Predictable Pricing

We had another outsourced company that nickled and dimed us to death.
Eileen Paris, Office Manager, Office Pavilion

The other computer company wouldn’t talk with us until we prepaid for 10 hours at $200 per hour.
Michelle Wells-Nagamine, Hawaii Payroll Services

Unlike a retail purchase where you know the price before you buy, it’s common to hire a computer company without knowing what the final bill may be. With Intech, your bill will always be predictable and easy to understand.

Computer guys burn hours to increase the bill. Not with Intech
We use flat-rate pricing to fit your IT budget. And before we do any billable work, we get your approval. That way, you always know what you’re spending. And there are no surprises.
Computer guys charge for leaving voice messages. Not with Intech
If we don’t provide value, we don’t bill.
Computer guys charge me even if they don’t fix the problem. Not with Intech
If we don’t fix it, it’s free!