Smooth Transition

Change can be risky, but not with Intech!

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients move quickly and smoothly from dysfunctional IT to Worry-Free IT.

Nobody could ever know your system like your current IT guy. Not true.
All computer networks and applications work the same way, thanks to Microsoft. There are no unique features of your system that we cannot discover and understand within hours of assuming responsibility for your computers.
When our old IT guy leaves, there will be a delay before Intech begins. Not true.
We can immediately begin managing your IT system the moment your current service provider leaves. If you prefer, we can start earlier so there’s overlap between your IT providers.
It would be disruptive to your staff to change computer companies. Not true.
Intech has developed a proven “OnBoarding” process that minimizes disruption and confusion during the transition. See below for details.
Your old computer guy has all your passwords. Maybe he could access my system after we part ways. Not true.
The first thing we do is change all the administrator passwords and close any back doors to your network. So unauthorized access isn’t possible.


Intech uses a proven 10-step process to assist new clients in transitioning from their existing IT support methods to the Intech Managed System. Called “OnBoarding,” this process is designed to minimize disruptions while switching to Intech.

Intech’s OnBoarding Process includes the following steps:

  1. Assess the System – We conduct a System Assessment of the Client’s computer network in order to identify hardware, software, configuration, and design issues.
  2. Develop an Action Plan – Together with the Client, we develop an action plan for resolving any issues found during the System Assessment. This plan includes an explanation of the steps to be taken and the timeframe for the work – basically setting expectations for our customers.
  3. Assign Our Staff – A manager and one/ more of our technicians are assigned to the project. The Client may contact these individuals at any time should problems or questions arise.
  4. Meet with Existing IT Support – Prior to assuming managerial responsibilities for the Client’s network, Intech staff meet with the existing IT support staff and the Client to review transitional details. This is optional, so if your IT support company is not available, it’s not a problem.
  5. Apply New Security Policies - At the request of the Client, Intech staff changes all network access and passwords that are necessary to ensure that the former IT support company no longer has access to the system.
  6. Install Intech Agents – If not already performed as part of the System Assessment (Step 1 above), Intech technicians install Intech’s Agent software on all computers to begin stabilizing and standardizing the entire network.
  7. Inform Your Staff – The Client’s employees are instructed in methods for requesting help from Intech. We are reachable 7x24x365 via the Intech Agent, email, website and phone.
  8. Implement Network Changes – Intech implements the action plan. To minimize disruption of your operations, anything we do that requires downtime will be done after hours whenever possible.
  9. Ongoing Help-Desk Support – The Intech Help-Desk responds immediately to your staff’s requests.
  10. Meet with Managers – Intech and the Client’s Managers meet periodically to discuss progress, make changes in the action plan and resolve any remaining issues.