We wanted to know “What makes Intech different?” so we decided to go straight to the source and ask our customers why they chose us.

One common theme that came up in their responses was trust. Our customers see us as a trusted business partner because of reliability, proactive approach, caring, speed, value and results.


TalkJohnny Lau, Belt Collins Hawaii

“Competent, Responsive, Reliable! Always my first choice when it comes to computer consulting services!”

TalkIris Wong, William L. Wong, CPA

“Intech saved us when our server was down. They have been our hero ever since.”

TalkMike Fierro, PaperSource Hawaii

“Their engineers saved me from rebuilding my server.”

TalkDavid Clancy, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

“Intech is the only company I trust with our company’s data.”

TalkCarol Donovan, Honolulu Sports Medical Clinic

“Great service – I love it! So rare these days, keep up the good work!”

Our customers rely on their computers to run their businesses, so we deliver our service with the highest reliability possible. We’re there for our customers when they need us.

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Proactive Approach

TalkRob James, Helber Hastert and Fee

“Our old IT Company said they were proactive, but actually were very reactive and dropped the ball a number of times. We have a lot less downtime now. Definitely better now than the way it was.”

TalkDenise Narito, Narito Sheet Metal and Mechanical

“It’s a lot better knowing that someone else is monitoring it. We’re not getting all those bugs.”

TalkMichelle Yamaguchi, Pacific Operations International

“We just couldn’t keep up with all those Windows updates and firewall issues. Intech goes in at night and updates things that I’m not even aware of.”

TalkLinda Perrin and Lindsay Agena, Philpotts and Associates

“Intech protects us even when we don’t know they’re protecting us.”

Intech takes a proactive approach, identifying and resolving small problems before they become big expensive ones.

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TalkMichelle Wells-Nagimine, Hawaii Payroll Services

“When my employees call Intech, I know they’re going to be taken care of.”

TalkTrisha Maxwell, Yamamoto & Settle

“Everyone there is so nice and easy to talk to. Everything is great! A big thumbs-up!”

TalkJerry Severson, Wilcox Memorial Hospital

“It’s comforting to know you have a partner like Integration Technologies as a part of your team.”

TalkLinda Perrin, Philpotts & Associates

“Intech has been superb, absolutely superb! What’s really great is…they all talk in plain English.”

TalkPua Naeole, Coffees of Hawaii

“We feel stranded on Molokai, but with Intech, it’s less stressful. We don’t have to figure things out on our own.”

It’s our passion to help business owners succeed. We live by the Golden Rule, and we care about our customers’ computer systems as if they were our own.

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TalkSusan Hunt, Hamakua Health Center

“Intech is maintaining the production of our doctors because problems are solved quickly.”

TalkDarlene Loo-McDowell, Paul Johnson Park & Niles

“Before Intech, we always had to wait for someone to show up, because they were at another client office. The Intech Help Desk has been absolutely wonderful in everything they do.”

TalkJennifer Timpe, INPEACE

“It takes Intech 5 minutes to fix a problem that would normally COST us 2 hours.”

TalkEvan Pfaff, Myounghee Noh & Associates

“When I have a problem, Intech is able to fix it quicker than if I had someone in-house.”

TalkRick Benedict, Beachside Lighting

“We love the Intech Worry-Free IT Program. The response time has been incredibly fast.”

First, we focus our efforts on preventing problems. Then we perform over 95% of our technical work remotely for maximum efficiency. This benefits our customers greatly – No more waiting!

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TalkAnnette Lancaster, CB Richard Ellis

“Intech has consistently provided us with cost-saving and efficient solutions for years.”

TalkJennifer Taylor, Quantum Touch

“Without Intech’s Worry-Free IT, our expenses would fluctuate dramatically.”

TalkSue Longacre, Kahala Nui Retirement Community

“I am totally 100% satisfied! We could never afford an IT person and get all that we get from Intech. I can’t imagine any other company beating Intech.”

TalkBarry Raff, Planned Parenthood of Hawaii

“An internal computer guy could never have all the expertise that Intech has.”

TalkEileen Paris, Office Pavilion

“We had another outsourced company that nickel and dimed us to death. There is a very high level of integrity at Intech.”

Computers are an essential part of any company and should help the bottom line, not hurt it. We’ve developed a special process that provides our customers with a trouble-free computer network while keeping IT costs under control.

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TalkWhitney Benedict, Beachside Lighting

“We don’t have to worry about our network anymore.”

TalkKen Zeri, Hospice Hawaii

“Intech frees me up to do more important things that I need to do. I don’t need to be working on a computer problem or checking why a printer isn’t working.”

TalkAndrew Chun, Hawaii Foodservice Alliance

“We rarely have downtime with our computers anymore. We used to have frequent downtime with servers and Internet.”

TalkDenise Narito, Narito Sheet Metal and Mechanical Group

“It’s better now that someone else is monitoring it. We’re not getting all those bugs anymore.”

TalkMarian Yasuda, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization

“Things have been real smooth since Intech took over…things have improved a lot around the office.”

TalkJulie Torres, The Pacific Club

“It’s awesome! I’ve gotten really spoiled.”

TalkWilliam Hurley III, Dolphin Quest Hawaii

“In today’s world, you’ll need a team like Intech.”

In the end, it’s all about results. We free up our customers’ time so they can spend their time doing what they need to be doing. We also free them from worrying about their computers so they can spend their energy focusing on their business.

In summary, we love that our customers put their trust in us.
It’s an honor that we don’t take lightly.