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Forget everything you know about IT support!

If someone had told us that years ago, Paul and I would have been skeptical. Now we truly believe there is a better way. Here’s a short background on us, our company and our unique approach that I hope will explain what I mean.

I’ve always loved computers, but after almost a decade working in corporate IT I realized many tech support people were either acting like jerks, outsourced from overseas or overcharging for the value they provided. (A vendor once billed me for trying, unsuccessfully, to call me!)

Paul Ventura and I had been friends since 1990 and had similar experiences with tech support. In fact, we used to joke about how true the the SNL Tech Support Guy sketch or the movie Office Space really were.

Our People Make a Difference

So Paul and I decided to make Intech a place where talented techs were just as comfortable talking with the CEO as they were talking with the receptionist. A place where people really cared about the value they provided and the success of other people.

Imagine leaving the office at the end of the day feeling confident that your technology is giving your organization a competitive edge. What a great feeling! We know, shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right?

As you know, every IT company out there provides Cloud, Help Desk, Backups, Firewalls, Spam Filtering, etc., but most stop there. However, our entire organization is based on processes and standards we’ve built over the last 20+ years. Applying this framework to a computer network quiets down the noise while supercharging performance – and we only sell you exactly what your business needs, without the snark.

If you’re not consistently scoring your technology partner a 9 or 10, you’re not getting the service you deserve. If you’re spending any of your high value time dealing with snarky IT people or worrying about technology, you may be happy to know there is a better way.

Our People Make the Difference

I can sum up the solution in one sentence: Every decision maker can benefit from our unique approach to IT costs and results – whether they end up hiring us or not! In a short visit with us we can start to show you how we see IT differently for better results.

If you’d like to learn more, click here to talk to us.

Sam Gridley
Founder and CEO

Our Mission

Providing Better IT Solutions.

Our Vision

Our Purpose is helping people succeed.

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