Honolulu, Hawaii, is home to many great attractions and cultural experiences. One of these is Kumu Kahua theatre, an award-winning professional theatre company that produces works by local playwrights. This small but mighty theatre has been entertaining audiences since 1971 and continues to be a source of entertainment and inspiration for locals in Honolulu. Let’s explore what makes Kumu Kahua theatre so special.

A Unique Theatre Experience
Kumu Kahua Theatre is a unique experience because it only produces plays by local playwrights, which means you won’t find any of the typical Hollywood blockbusters here. Instead, you’ll see plays that are inspired by Hawaiian culture and history or even set in modern-day Honolulu. These stories provide insight into the lives of locals while also being entertaining and engaging for visitors from elsewhere. It’s a great way to learn about Hawaiian culture through art and storytelling!

Kumu Kahua also offers live performances throughout the year at its downtown Honolulu location, as well as a monthly series called “On The Road,” which takes place on different islands around Hawaii. This gives those who don’t live in Honolulu access to quality performances without having to make the trip into town.

The Impact of Kumu Kahua Theatre
Kumu Kahua Theatre is much more than just a place to watch plays; it has had an impact on both local artists and audiences alike. Over the years, it has provided opportunities for local playwrights to have their works produced professionally and seen by thousands of people around Hawaii. It has also served as an educational platform, providing workshops and seminars for aspiring actors or writers looking to hone their craft.

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Kumu Kahua Theatre is an essential part of Honolulu’s cultural landscape, providing unique productions that are both entertaining and educational for locals and tourists alike. Whether you visit the theatre in person or take part in one of its “On The Road” performances around Hawaii, you’re sure to have a memorable experience! Support your local arts scene by checking out Kumu Kahua Theatre today!

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