Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Then, look no further than Olomano Golf Club in the stunning city of Honolulu, Hawaii! This tropical paradise is not only home to spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters, and towering palm trees, but it is also home to one of the best golf courses in Hawaii, Olomano Golf Club. This golf club has everything you need and more to enjoy a memorable day on the greens under the warm Hawaiian sun.

1. Olomano Golf Club Overview
Located in Kailua, Olomano Golf Club is situated on the East Coast of Oahu Island. The 18-hole par 72 golf course is beautifully designed, offering a unique experience that showcases the island’s natural beauty. You can expect to play through lush tropical vegetation, challenging terrain, and picturesque landscapes, making it an experience of a lifetime. Olomano Golf Club is known for providing a visually stunning as well as challenging golf course making it popular among the locals and tourists.

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2. Course Layout
The Olomano Golf Course is meticulously designed as it incorporates a range of elements that enhance playability and aesthetics. The course has narrow fairways that demand accurate shots, difficult rough areas to challenge even experienced golfers, and bunkers placed strategically along the greens to improve the ball’s positioning. Additionally, the course elevations and water bodies make it an even more challenging and enjoyable course to play on.

3. Golf Club Facilities
The course facilities are world-class and designed to cater to every visitor’s needs. The clubhouse has a golf store offering clothing, golf balls, clubs, and other golfing equipment. In addition, Olomano has a driving range, practice putting, and chipping greens where you can warm up before a round of golf. Visitors can also indulge in a wide range of refreshments, and fine dining experiences, and enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset from the clubhouse restaurant.

4. Membership and Visitors
Olomano Golf Club is open to both members and visitors, making it a great place to meet new friends while enjoying a game of golf. If you are looking for a membership, the club offers different membership categories designed for your convenience. The visitor rates are also affordable, and people can book tee times both online and by phone. The club is open daily, so you can enjoy a game any time of the week.

5. Olomano’s Golf Club Legacy
Since its opening in 1967, Olomano Golf Club has remained one of the best places to play golf in Hawaii. The club’s reputation attracts an array of golfers ranging from beginners to professionals, all looking to get away from their busy lives and relax on the greens. Olomano has also been a host to various local and national events, with golf pros and amateurs from around the world visiting to play on the stunning course.

In conclusion, a round of golf at Olomano Golf Club is a must-do for both tourists and locals. The beautiful course, unique terrain, and excellent facilities make it the perfect spot to enjoy a day playing the sport you love in a truly breathtaking tropical paradise. Book your tee time now and prepare yourself to experience golfing at its best!

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