Why Intech?


Whether in personal relationships or in business, trust is essential. We’re proud that so many organizations in Hawaii have extended their trust to Intech. For their comments, please click here

“Intech is the only company
I trust with our company data.”

David Clancy, Coldwell Banker
Pacific Properties


In the world of business computing, cost must be measured both by the amount of money spent and by the amount of production lost. Intech’s customers experience 99.9% uptime and pay 21% less. For details, click here.

“Intech has consistently provided us with cost- saving and efficient
solutions for years.”

Annette Lancaster, CB Richard Ellis

Reliable Team

What happens when your computer guy isn’t available or doesn’t know what to do? For depth of expertise and continuity of service, Intech’s team of technicians is the best bet. To meet the team,
click here.

“We had another IT guy, but let him go because he was overwhelmed.
Then we found Intech.”

Naomi Saloman,
MacDonald Rudy Byrns et al

Proactive Approach

Some computer companies simply react when something breaks. Intech proactively prevents small problems from becoming big expensive ones. To learn more, click here.

“Intech protects us even when we don’t know they’re protecting us.”

Linda Perrin and Lindsay Agena,
Philpotts & Associates

Smooth Transition

With Intech’s proven transition process, your operations will continue uninterrupted as we accept responsibility for your network. For details, click here.

“The transition was painless.
You guys are spectacular.”

Brad Dennett, Pacific Current Contractors

Predictable Pricing

With some computer companies, you can never be sure what their services will cost. Intech offers predictable, common-sense pricing to accommodate any budget. For details, click here.

“Without Intech’s Worry-Free IT, our IT expenses would fluctuate dramatically.”

Jennifer Taylor,
CEO, Quantum Touch


If your computer system crashes, can you wait for hours or days until someone fixes it? Intech’s local 24/7 Help Desk is always available when you call.

“When I have a problem, Intech is able to fix it quicker than if I had someone in-house.”

Evan Pfaff, Myounghee Noh & Associates

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Intech is quick to review, test and provide the latest technologies to our customers. We are constantly working to keep our customers on the leading edge of technology. Cloud computing and backup are a few examples of our ability to offer leading edge solutions.

“I am 100% satisfied. I can’t imagine any other company beating Intech.”

Sue Longacre, Kahala Nui Retirement