Network and Computer Support

Worry-Free IT prevents small problems from becoming big expensive ones!

Traditional computer companies operate on a “break-fix” model. If something breaks in your computer network, they’ll come and fix it.

Intech is different. Our approach is proactive, not reactive. Instead of waiting for things to break, we focus on preventing small problems before they become big expensive ones.

Called Worry-Free IT (WFIT), this systematic, time-proven process remotely identifies and resolves problems within your computer network before they can slow or disable your system. In most cases, we eliminate issues before you and your staff even recognize them.

As a result of this unique approach, our clients typically experience 99.99% computer uptime and save 21% over traditional computer services.


  • Network stabilization using Intech’s exclusive Agent Software
  • Remote network monitoring
  • 24/7 local Help-Desk
  • Quick response and problem resolution
  • Weekly network health reports

The Result:

Computer problems are practically eliminated!

Please contact us today. Thanks!