Network Assessment

Intech’s Network Assessment identifies computer problems that can lead to unpleasant surprises.

We thought we were backing up our data.
But after someone deleted our financial DB,
we found it was not being backed up.

Ken Zeri
Hospice Hawaii

Unless you’re a computer expert, you probably don’t know what’s happening in the nuts and bolts of your computer system. Like most managers, you’ve hired an “expert” to handle these technical matters for you.

But what happens when your outside expert knows less than you thought he knew? Or fails to perform his duties? Or simply leaves without notice? Your business engine may be running, but you don’t really know what going on under the hood.

Intech can perform an objective assessment of your network that (1) identifies risks and weaknesses, and (2) offers practical solutions.

Assessment Areas: The areas analyzed during this assessment include:

  • Network Server Infrastructure
  • Internet Security Methodology
  • Network Hubs/Switches
  • Network Security
  • Data Cabling
  • Network Layout and Design
  • UPS Power Protection
  • Cable Plant Design
  • Network Backup System(s)
  • Internet Access Bandwidth
  • Router/Firewall Configuration
  • Network Applications
  • Server Room Environment
  • Network Documentation
  • Desktop Configurations
  • Network/Workstation Upgrades
  • Network Anti-Virus Protection
  • Network Management Practices


Step 1: One of our Microsoft Certified Engineers visits your location to gather technical details.
Step 2: We compile a detailed report based on these findings that includes:

  • Network specifications
  • Problem areas
  • “Best Practice” recommendations

Step 3: We meet with you to walk through the Report and discuss our recommendations.

The Result:

Managers can gain an objective view of computer network problems and suggestions for resolving these problems.

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