Network Security

Worry-Free Firewall offers big business security on a small business budget.

With Worry-Free Firewall (WFFW), you can rest easy knowing that your business, staff, and customers are safe from security threats caused by identity theft and breached data.

Strong firewall protection is a must for any network these days. WFFW offers realtime protection, removing viruses and spyware from Internet downloads before they can infect your network. Choose from the standard unit or the secure wireless option.

Worry Free Firewall can also track the Internet usage of individual users, limiting employee access to selected sites or times.


  • Protection from viruses, spyware, and identity theft
  • Secure wireless access for laptops in your office
  • Continuous technology updates to stop evolving Internet threats
  • Restriction or logging of employee Internet usage (optional)


Your business is protected from security threats and loss of productivity.

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