Cloud Services

Cloud Services simplifies and supercharges your company's IT infrastructure.

Tired of constantly having to upgrade and maintain your IT infrastructure? Do you wish that your data and applications were available to you from everywhere, not just within your office? Intech has the solution. Welcome to the CLOUD.

Cloud Services is now available for companies of all sizes. Enjoy the benefits of unbeatable uptime, reduced operating expense and simplified scalability. Now your files, applications and email can be accessed seamlessly from anywhere over a broadband internet connection. Whether your business is mobile, traditional or multi-location, Intech’s Cloud Services are the right choice.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

  • Since cloud services doesn't require any upfront purchase of hardware or software licenses, you can make the switch to the cloud quickly and with little initial investment.
  • As your company grows, cloud solutions allow your IT infrastructure to grow in steps. No additional purchases of expensive hardware or software licenses are required to expand capacity.
  • No need to worry about availability of your systems due to power outages or other environmental issues. As long as you have an internet connection, your files, email and applications are guaranteed to be available.
  • All cloud servers are backed up with state-of-the-art disk based backups systems. Never worry about accidently deleting a file or reverting to historic versions.
  • Without having servers in your office, electrical, space and cooling costs are not a factor.
  • With leading edge Spam Filtering, Mail Security, Virus and Malware protection you can rest assured that your data and information remains safe.
  • Our Cloud hosting services come bundled with Intech’s 24x7x365 Worry-Free IT support program. Whether you need help with a printer, an iPad or anything else, our support team can handle any technology issue.
  • Cloud server hosting allows you to stay ahead of the curve with ongoing upgrades as new technology becomes available.
  • With the use of cloud hosted servers, expensive desktops can be replaced with low cost thin clients. Thin clients last longer and cost as little as a third of a traditional workstation.

Cloud Hosting service includes everything in one monthly service fee.

All preventative maintenance, patching and updating, monitoring and unlimited Help Desk calls for all of your in-house IT systems. This means you’ll never pay another support charge for keeping your servers running smoothly and your data safe. And since you don’t have to ever purchase hardware, you’re protected from obsolescence.

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