Meet Our Staff

Intech Officers

Our fearless leaders (and also the guys that don’t get to work on computers any more.)

Branden Baker

Sam Gridley
Chairman / Owner

Paul Ventura
Owner/Managing Director

Sales and Marketing Team

Our Sales and Marketing Team helps spread the word and educate people about our great services. They’re also pretty involved in many networking events around town.

Freddy Ludiazo
Director of Sales & Marketing

Engineering Team

Our engineering team also known as network architects, they focus on high-level design, upgrades, projects implementation and much more, planning and implements networks to meet user and corporate needs.

Jordan Silva
Operations Director

Jeff Bernhardt
Senior Systems Engineer

Alex Anderson
Escalation Engineer

Michael Lirot
Systems Engineer

Adam Lloyd
Systems Engineer

Service Desk Team

Our helpful service desk handles computer support like expert paramedics, saving lives every day and putting smiles on customer faces. These hard working individuals are the bedrock of our business, they know their way around any computer network and aren’t afraid to take a hands-on approach to troubleshooting while keeping up with new trends in technology – this means they get to play with the latest stuff too.

Jade Simpson

Curtis Tong
Service Coordinator

Seth Barrett
Systems Administrator Lead

James Horiuchi
Systems Administrator

Kevin Borras
Systems Administrator

Sean Mckee
Systems Administrator

Administrative Team

Our administrative team quickly coordinates customer requests, quotes and accounting. They’ll also brighten your day and answer any questions you have about any of the above.

Teri Kong
Finance Director

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team is the face of the company; they ensure that each customer have a pleasant experience. They act as an extension of Intech’s brand and core values.

Joe Ensalaco
Customer Service Director