2023 Cybersecurity Trends

2023 Cybersecurity Trends

According to Larry David, the greeting “Happy New Year” should not be used after January 3. However, he did not state any objections to publishing a list of cybersecurity trends for the new year on January 20. The future of 2023 is uncertain, but cybersecurity is expected to remain a significant sector in our daily lives. The demand for technology in most companies is prevalent, and various types of security breaches are on the rise. These are the three major cybersecurity trends anticipated in 2023.


Zero Trust Security Reigns Supreme

As we march forward into 2023, one thing remains crystal clear: digitization is taking over the world! From mammoth corporations to tiny mom-and-pop shops, every business is now intertwined with technology. And while this marriage of man and machine can yield incredible benefits, it also opens us up to some pretty scary stuff… *cue dramatic music* …cyberattacks! But fear not, my tech-savvy friends, for a new hero has emerged: zero-trust security approach! This knight in shining armor is quickly becoming the norm in the fight against cybercrime. Take that, hackers!

In the world of cybersecurity, zero trust reigns supreme. It’s a cutting-edge approach that leaves nothing to chance and assumes EVERYTHING is at risk. The system is in constant flux, always being tested for potential weak spots. And instead of a one-and-done permission model, continuous certification and app-level permissions keep things tight and secure.

n the world of cybersecurity, zero trust reigns supreme


In the battle against cyber threats, there’s a tactic that has everyone talking. Picture this: a relentless barrage of questions, over and over again. Who are you? What can you access? What are you authorized to access? What exactly are you accessing right now?! Talk about thorough! As Dan Lohrmann from Presidio explains, it’s a necessary approach to ensure top-notch cybersecurity in today’s landscape of ever-increasing risks. And the best part? We can expect to see this become even more commonplace in 2023 – so get ready for some HIGH-INTENSITY questioning!


Passwordless Authentication is Here

Improving password security is crucial to prevent hacking. However, it has traditionally been a weak point for internal security. That’s why the industry is shifting towards passwordless authentication processes. Multi-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection by using your phone, could be the first step in this direction.

Passwordless authentication eliminates the need to enter a text-based password. To access the system, one must utilize alternative methods such as MFA-style mobile codes, USBs, biometrics, or other non-conventional measures.

The use of multiple layers of protection is considered an effective tactic against advanced attackers, similar to the concept of zero-trust. According to Lance Spitzner, the director of security awareness at the SANS Institute, it is imperative for websites to integrate the technique to ensure its effectiveness. During an interview with IT Brew last fall, he mentioned that although there are developments underway, it may take some time for complete adoption.


AI-based Security is Trending

Eliminating the human element could be the key to locking out chance and securing the digital fortress of cybersecurity. Take it from the pen testers who dive deep into the cyber abyss, revealing why social engineering attacks thrive in companies where humans roam free. Discover how to minimize risk and protect your business by bidding farewell to chance once and for all! Is it worth gambling with the possibility of human error?

AI Concept in Cybersecurity


Say goodbye to unpredictability with AI-based security – it’s time to usher in a new era of unwavering reliability. The rise of Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for increased security measures, with its advanced capabilities in detecting threats, automatically responding to attacks, and fortifying protection protocols. Revolutionize your cybersecurity management with autonomous systems – save time and maintain peace of mind.

Unleashing the power of AI, cybersecurity guru Brian Finch spilled some juicy deets on how analytical tools are boosting security measures. Brace yourself for this: behavioral analysis tools have started taking full advantage of AI to decipher hacker behavior, ranging from their timing and attack methods to the sneaky ways they wiggle through systems.


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