Every Business Needs Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Every Business Needs Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is a major challenge for many businesses today. The absence of cyber security awareness training is one contributing factor. Is it absolutely essential to have training sessions? What is the reason for this? In this article, it will explain the need and why cybersecurity training for your employees is so crucial.


What’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

The importance of cybersecurity in today’s business world cannot be overstated. Conducting cybersecurity awareness training is one of the best ways to safeguard your business from cyberattacks. These training sessions, commonly referred to as cyber security training, are vital for all staff members and stakeholders. Instructors provide students with knowledge about the fundamentals of information security and how to safeguard their data from potential hacker attacks, thus, making your team human firewalls. This is your last line of defense against a malicious attack.


So… Why Cyber Security Awareness Training is Important?

Today, cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for every organization. For small businesses, it is critical to have a secure system in place as they typically lack an IT team to protect their data from cybercriminals. Therefore, they must be aware and take extra measures to ensure their safety.

You can utilize various methods to carry out cybersecurity awareness training, which is great news. The best way to teach people how to protect themselves against cyberattacks is through direct teaching, where you demonstrate exactly how such attacks work. Additionally, you can use posters and flyers to teach staff members basic cyber security concepts.

We recommend employees receive cybersecurity awareness training on a regular basis. Start off with a baseline course and then have them enrolled in monthly training modules to keep their cyber skills sharp.  There’s no doubt cybersecurity training will benefit your company, your clients and it will even help your employees protect them personally from malicious attacks.


Cyber security awareness training can help your company in several ways. This includes:


1. Learning About Cybersecurity Basics

It is important that they be educated on the topics of cybersecurity, the risks of cyberattacks, and how to protect themselves and your company’s data.

If they are not aware of how hackers try to deceive them into clicking on links or opening attachments, they may become victims of social engineering attacks. If your network is breached, it will impact your business and your clients financially, it will delay productivity and it will harm the relationship between you, your clients and potential future clients.

A breached network impacts your business financially

It’s also important to teach everyone about safe online practices, such as creating secure passwords, understanding browser notifications and being cautious when using a public Wi-Fi.


2. How to Spot a Phishing Email or Vishing Phone Call

Cyberattacks often come in the form of phishing emails or vishing phone calls. Hackers employ phishing tactics, which include sending emails with the guise of being from a legitimate business entity, to trick people into handing over sensitive info including usernames and passwords.

Furthermore, these emails are expertly composed to make it difficult for those who are not experienced with such messages to identify them as phishing attempts.

Through cybersecurity awareness training, employees can learn how to identify suspicious emails and calls to prevent the leakage of sensitive information that may endanger them.


3. Teaching Your Employees How to Report Security Breaches Effectively and Promptly

Cybercriminals frequently target small businesses because they generally lack security protocols. These companies may be at risk of cyberattacks due to a simple hack. It is also possible to suffer financial losses due to data breaches or leaks.

Therefore, it is important to educate your employees on how to promptly report any suspicious activity. Acting quickly allows you to avoid potential consequences. It is your duty to safeguard your firm’s data from cyber criminals, hence you must be aware of the steps for noticing serious violations and notifying them before it is too late!

Cybersecurity training will also teach your employees about other things like Insider Threats.


Interested in How to Get Your Team Cybersecurity Akamai?

Intech-Hawaii has been providing cybersecurity training and simulated phishing emails to our clients for a few years now. The training modules are fun, engaging and everyone can watch the training videos and play the cybersecurity games (yes, games) at their own pace. Who said learning has to be boring? We’ve received great feedback from our clients on how the training modules have helped their businesses and benefit their employees both professionally and personally. If you want to know how we can help you and your team become cybersecurity akamai, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us if you want to know more and our friendly professionals will be happy to discuss options with you.

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