Hawaii’s Cyber Crime Statistics are Rising

Hawaii’s Cyber Crime Statistics are Trending Upward

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) recently published their 2021 Internet Crime Report, which incorporates data from almost 850,000 complaints.

According to the report, there has been a 7% rise in complaints since 2020, and losses have surpassed $6.9 billion. Victims in Hawaii reported significant financial losses of over $5 million for both BEC/EAC and investment crimes.

Scammers are running rampant, leaving a trail of heartbreak and empty wallets. Victims reported a whopping $4 million lost to confidence fraud/romance crimes, while virtual currency crimes took a $3.5 million toll. Stay alert and don’t fall prey to their deceitful schemes!

Last year, victims across the states reported the top three cyber crimes as phishing scams, non-payment/non-delivery scams, and personal data breach. According to the FBI, the most significant monetary losses for victims were caused by business email compromise scams, investment fraud, and romance schemes.

In Hawaii, these are the Top 10 cyber crimes and number of victims:

  • Non-payment/Non-delivery: 235
  • Extortion/Fraud: 208
  • Personal Data Breach: 202
  • Social Media: 132
  • Digital Currency: 122
  • No Lead Value: 102
  • Confidence and / or Romance Fraud: 91
  • ID Theft: 87
  • Technical Support: 86
  • BEC/EAC: 82

Per the FBI, the statistics below show the victims in Hawaii according to age group and the amounts lost:

  • Over 60: $10,061,508
  • 50-59: $2,006,825
  • 40-49: $1,242,516
  • 30-39: $3,490,084
  • 20-29: $457,072
  • Under 20: $25,108

For more Hawaii cybercrime statistics from the IC3, click here.

In addition to statistics, the IC3’s crime report offers information about the most prevalent internet scams and how to protect yourself against them. Click here to read the FBI IC3 full report.

To report an online crime, visit the IC3 website.

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