Intech Hawaii Rebrands and Launches ARMOR Services

With the rebrand, the company aims to fulfill their mission – helping people succeed.

Honolulu, HI – May 10, 2022 – Intech Hawaii has announced their rebranding. The rebranding is a part of the company’s continued growth and the need to meet the changing IT, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements of the modern, post covid work environment.

As part of Intech Hawaii’s rebranding, they have incorporated an evolved visual identity that includes a new logo, updated brand colors, and coincidentally, a new office within Pioneer Plaza, in downtown Honolulu.  These changes are a natural evolution as Intech Hawaii continuously improves their services to meet the needs of the changing work environment with increased remote workers, and the cybersecurity, and compliance concerns.  Along with the visual changes also comes internal changes within Intech Hawaii to fulfill their mission. This includes bringing on additional talent, increased training for employees, more streamlined service offerings, updated service delivery procedures, and better tools to enhance the client experience.

“Intech Hawaii has been providing managed services for over 30 years,” said Sam Gridley, CEO “and as a managed services provider, we’ve come to expect the constant evolution of the technology and cybersecurity landscape.  Covid accelerated our strategy as a large part of the workforce changed to remote work. To help people, both our team and our clients, succeed, we must empower them to work from anywhere, anytime, efficiently, and securely. That is why we launched ARMOR IT™, ARMOR Cybersecurity™ARMOR Compliance™.”

Intech Hawaii aims to improve the client experience, defend the client’s environment from cyberattacks, and meet compliance requirements by providing the full stack of managed services to organizations in need. This process driven approach to delivering technology services continues to evolve to meet the increasing needs of businesses small and large. Protecting corporate assets and personnel from cybersecurity breaches, downtime, and non-compliance that reduces profitability while providing exceptional support is built into Intech ARMOR.

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