Intech Hawaii Voted Best Places to Work 2023

Intech Hawaii Awarded Honolulu Magazine Best Places to Work 2023

Successful companies have dedicated employees who are passionate about their work and receive recognition for their achievements. These workplaces are highly desirable, yet difficult for most companies to attain.

Employee engagement, which has been low for many years, is currently declining. The percentage of employees expressing enthusiasm for their jobs decreased from 36% in the previous year to 32% in 2022, according to a nationwide survey. The remaining 68% had no strong feelings or were dissatisfied.

A Gallup survey released in 2022 found that the most common grievances among employees were unclear expectations, inadequate resources, and limited opportunities to perform suitable work.

Did you know, companies in Hawaii that receive the Best Places to Work recognition typically achieve a 90% employee engagement score. The national average is 32%.

During the survey, employees in these companies were asked about various aspects of their workplace culture, including their ability to perform their best work, level of enthusiasm for their jobs, feeling of being valued, intent to stay with the company, and other measures of engagement. The responses were overwhelmingly positive.

What Qualifies a Workplace as the “Best”

Workforce Research Group partners with Hawaii Business Magazine to determine the Best Places to Work. Surveys are conducted with both employees and company representatives, with employee responses accounting for 80% of the final score and company representatives’ responses comprising the remaining 20%.

According to Peter Burke, president of Workforce Research Group, the participating companies in the surveys displayed confidence in their work cultures and were proactive in seeking unfiltered information to make improvements, resulting in strong results even for those that didn’t make the final cut for the Best Places to Work.

The companies that were ranked on the Best Places to Work list had higher scores in employee experience, including the 10 drivers of engagement. Their employees reported higher satisfaction with compensation, training, paid time off, retirement plans, and workloads.

The Best Places to Work prioritize employee well-being, supportive cultures, and work-life balance. This is especially relevant as many individuals are setting boundaries following increased work hours during the pandemic, and half of employees and managers report experiencing burnout.

Recent research from Qualtrics suggests that setting boundaries can have positive effects. In fact, the study found that nearly two-thirds of employees who report a good work-life balance are willing to exceed expectations for their organizations.

The companies on the Best Places list offer tangible benefits to promote a sense of balance, security, and well-being.

  • 17 companies provide health insurance coverage from the first day of employment.
  • 19 companies provide coverage of at least 75% of health insurance costs for dependents.
  • 19 companies offer full-pay maternity leave, while 12 offer paternity leave.
  • 42 companies train managers to identify and address burnout among employees.
  • 30 companies prohibits employees rom working during their vacation.
  • 29 companies offer 50% of their team members to work from the comfort of their home
  • 49 companies contribute to the community activities by paying their team members for their service during work hours
  • 8 companies support sabbatical leave
  • 76 companies organize fun activities during non-work hours throughout the year for their team to reconnect

What Managers Can Do to Improve Company Culture

In addition to benefits and programming, workplace improvement can be achieved by managers through straightforward actions.

According Burke from Workforce Research Group, managers should display genuine empathy towards their employees, provide meaningful recognition, and regularly inquire about ways they can facilitate their job performance. In your opinion, what activities do you consider to be unproductive? Could you please identify the aspects of your job that you enjoy and would like to engage in more frequently?

Organizations interested in improving their workplaces can gain valuable feedback by participating in Hawaii’s Best Places to Work program, which can guide them towards positive changes.

Are You the Perfect Fit for Intech Hawaii?

Intech Hawaii seeks talented individuals harnessing motivation and tenacity. The company operates under the motto of “Helping People Succeed,” which applies to both customers and employees. Are you ready to handle difficult challenges? Would you be open to considering new approaches for delivering the best solutions to our customers? Are you equally dedicated to your job and personal activities? If you are interested in joining the team at Intech Hawaii, please review our current job opportunities and apply.

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