For over 30 years, Intech Hawaii has protected businesses with our cybersecurity services.



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ARMOR Cybersecurity Features

Dedicated Cybersecurity Team

Intech Hawaii provides a dedicated cybersecurity management team to proactively help your business minimize risks. We provide the resources to build or expand your cybersecurity team.

24/7 Threat Detection

Intech Hawaii provides a 24/7 US-based Security Operations Center that delivers threat detection and response capabilities. Cyberattacks can occur at any time. 24/7 threat detection is critical to avoid dwell time.

Rapid Incident Response

Intech Hawaii provides rapid response to cybersecurity incidents, which is essential to minimizing the damage and expense. The longer an attacker has access to your network, the more opportunity they have to cause damage.

Optimized Cybersecurity Stack

Intech Hawaii manages the complexity of deploying a cybersecurity stack, allowing your business to leverage our investments. We have already invested in the necessary security solutions to protect our clients.

Persistent Threat Detection

Intech Hawaii enables you to find and stop hidden threats that sneak past preventive security tools. We help you find threats that are lurking undetected on your network.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Intech Hawaii eliminates the need to spend on cybersecurity tools and personnel, delivering our services as a monthly fee. The reality is that cyber defense is expensive.

Business Challenges. Cybersecurity Threats. Compliance Pressures.

Intech Hawaii combines the best people, processes, and tools, to deliver managed services using our Intech ARMOR™ process.  Find out how you can partner with one company Intech Hawaii, to gain the IT support and strategic vision to grow your business, stay protected from cybersecurity threats, and meet compliance requirements.

Why Intech Hawaii

Our clients benefit from our 4CS Benefits

Client Strategy

The best technology and people will fail without strategy.  Intech Hawaii provides vision, through strategic planning, for our clients so they can maximize their return on technology investment.

Client Service

Tech. Friendly. It’s not just our slogan, it’s how we deliver service. Tech is what we do, friendly is how we do it. Our team at Intech Hawaii avoids technical jargon while providing you with the ultimate experience.

Client Security

The new battleground in technology is cybersecurity. Intech Hawaii has the resources and the knowledge to protect your business, avoiding costly cybersecurity incidents and achieving compliance.

Client Success

Technology should not be a burden. Intech Hawaii provides services that will make your business more successful. We solve your business challenges with technology.

Intech Hawaii Cyber Warranty

Businesses today are under constant pressure to protect themselves from the latest cybersecurity threats and meet compliance. Choosing the right Managed Service Provider is critical for the protection of your business needs. We’re so confident we will be the ideal strategic partner, we offer the Intech Hawaii Cyber Warranty.

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